The Stamp – New short film

We are proud to announce that we have finished filming our new short movie, called “Shtamp” (The Stamp)!

The movie is set in a fictional future, where the government decides which profession each person has to take, depending on the family lineage. And, as in any system, there is a “bug”, which needs to be resolved.

The movie is directed by Murad Aliyev, author of “Report Card” (2011) and “Pheromone” (2016). Starring prominent Azerbaijani actor Mahammad Verdizade (who also played Babek’s son Bugday in famous Azerbaijani movie “Babek”), as well as Cavid Verdiyev and Leyla Gurbanova, the set also included rising star of Azerbaijani cinematography – award-winning director Oktay Namazov.

The movie is due to be released later in 2016.

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